Tompkins Fulfillment Services

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Tompkins Fulfillment Services

Smarter Logistics

Distributed Logistics and Fulfillment

Tompkins Fulfillment Services, formerly MonarchFx, is a nationwide ecosystem of best-in-class providers focused on delivering integrated, cost-effective, high service-fulfillment solutions.

Tompkins Fulfillment Services Core Model

Tompkins Fulfillment Services Order Flow and IT Alignment

Order Flow and IT Alignment

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Tompkins Fulfillment Services Solutions

Multiple Applications Aligned to Your Strategy
Tompkins Robotics t-Sort
Unichannel Fulfillment Network

Tompkins Fulfillment Services Optimized for rapid, cost-effective, and agile fulfillment solutions

D2C Enablement

Tompkins Digital Commerce Comprehensive enablement solutions from channel strategy to specific campaign development and execution

Specialty Solutions

Store replenishment – Mixed SKU cases
Drop-Ship – Leverage retailers reach
Marketplace – Common inventory fulfillment

Post Sales Support

Returns – Returns processing and value optimization
Customer Care – Integrated order and product support. Live and/or digital

Tompkins Fulfillment Services was created to give the brands and retailers their consumer-driven focus back. Tompkins Fulfillment Services is the alternative to Amazon, 3PLs, or In-House models. Our focus is on your post-click logistics, giving you more time to focus on your pre-click operation and your brand.

Delivery Options- Affordably offer all shops, buy, delivery options
Capital- low upfront capitalization or 3PL setup fees
Operating Cost – low fulfillment rates for units/eaches
Flexibility- Ability to adjust as a market evolves
Configurable- ability to address each market optimally
Inventory- optimized, planning, order allocation, and replenishment
Transportation- carrier agnostic and aligned to your strategy
Speed- network of local fulfillment centers for speed and cost
IT integration- seamless integration with analytics and visibility
Returns- optimized returns processing and value extraction
Network Effect
Proprietary Technology- Tompkins Robotics, SensorThink, Tompkins WES

In the News

Modex 2020: Tompkins working on new robotics solutions to automate in-store grocery fulfillment

Tompkins International CEO Jim Tompkins discussed the latest evolutionary phase of his company from its inception as a consultancy into six separate business entities over 45 years of operation during a press conference on Tuesday at MODEX.

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Introducing the NextGen Awards and 2020 Winner Announcement

Supply Chain Management Review’s NextGen Supply Chain Awards will honor five solution providers and end user companies for utilizing technologies that will shape tomorrow’s supply chains during the NextGen Supply Chain Conference.

Tompkins Robotics has been selected for the 2020 Robotics Solution Provider Award.

Tompkins Fulfillment Services Announces Spinrite as its Newest Seller

RALEIGH, N.C. – Tompkins Fulfillment Services (Tompkins), a business unit of Tompkins International and nationwide alliance of best-in-class providers focused on delivering value and efficiency through distributed logistics, announces its newest client, Spinrite.  

Tompkins International Announces Strategic Realignment to Enable Clients to Achieve Supply Chain and Digital Commerce Excellence

RALEIGH, N.C. – Tompkins International, a comprehensive supply chain consulting and solutions firm, today announced a strategic realignment that will enable the company to better serve its clients across all industries.

MonarchFx Partners with Avectous to Deliver Enhanced WMS Capabilities

Raleigh, N.C. – MonarchFx, a business unit of Tompkins International, announces a strategic alliance with Avectous, which offers a full suite of Supply Chain Fulfillment software, including WMS, DOM-WMS and Carrier Connectivity. MonarchFx will be leveraging Avectous’ full suite of applications across its entire fulfillment network. 

A Fireside Chat with Two Industry Thought Leaders

Day #2 of the Final Mile Forum began with a jolt – a look to our industry’s future in a Fireside Chat with Dr. James A. Tompkins and Vijaya Rao. This thought-provoking discussion was moderated by Mark Cossack, President of Priority Courier Experts and a CLDA Board Member.

"I’ve spoken at a number of this association’s conferences and, as I remember it, quite a few years ago I forecasted Amazon would have the capability for one-day delivery by 2020. Well, it turns out that they out-did my prediction and it’s happening now. The big lesson here is that one-day is not about transportation. It’s about inventory deployment. The most important element is inventory, then logistics. It’s a balance between getting the inventory close to the customer without building up huge stock in a warehouse. The one-day thing is a big deal. Those of you in this room who know how to manage inventory are in a great position to capture the market lift from one-day delivery. For those of you who aren’t, I strongly suggest you start now to be ready for a year from now when this wave really hits the shore." 

- Jim Tompkins

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Tompkins International Announces A New Strategic Alliance With Etail Solutions

Raleigh, NC – MonarchFx and NexusFx, both Tompkins International companies, have formed a strategic alliance with Etail Solutions. This alliance will enhance and complete product and service offerings for all clients.

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Flexible Automation, Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles in Warehousing

Robotics, flexible automation, autonomous vehicles and the like are no longer just something “everyone else” must be doing. Offerings and awareness have continued to increase, especially as the perceived shortage of qualified and affordable labor continues.

As a result, we’re still not close to “lights out” manufacturing with completely automated processes.

Mike Futch, president of MHI member Tompkins Robotics, said any thought related to where we actually are “depends on who you ask.”

“The fact of the matter is, it’s progressing very rapidly,” Futch said. “The increased capabilities of robotic automation and the lowering of costs have created a new tool that we can use in the evolution of supply chain distribution, warehousing and order fulfillment.”

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