November 2019

We have had another busy month learning and growing. Check out some of the highlights from November.

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October 2019

We have had another busy month learning and growing. Check out some of the highlights from October.

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Digital Commerce: Reaching New Customers

I was watching the television thinking about the project I was working on earlier in the day. I thought how much the right tool would help finish the job. It then came to me that I would look on the web to see if I could find the right tool, and once found how expensive it would be.

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The Logistics Transformation: Cost and Service

Logistics will be one of the most important components of retail, wholesale and CPG companies’ business in 2020. Consumers continually expect better performance, as do customers serving consumers, so logistics is and will continue to be a hot topic at the senior levels of company management. Two principle (sometimes competing) factors are creating this need for logistics performance—cost and service level. This article will focus on these two primary drivers of consumers’ expectations and provide some guidance on how to meet the ever-increasing needs in these two areas of operations.

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Redefining the E2E Supply Chain for Digital Commerce

It is somewhat common knowledge that the rapid growth of Digital Commerce has impacted nearly every company that sells its products online. No matter how retailers, brands or wholesalers have chosen to make their products visible and fulfill their orders, changes– sometimes dramatic ones–have had to be made in strategies, processes, technologies and people.

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MonarchFx Partners with Avectous to Deliver Enhanced WMS Capabilities

Raleigh, N.C. – MonarchFx, a business unit of Tompkins International, announces a strategic alliance with Avectous, which offers a full suite of Supply Chain Fulfillment software, including WMS, DOM-WMS and Carrier Connectivity. MonarchFx will be leveraging Avectous’ full suite of applications across its entire fulfillment network. 

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Sell Anywhere: Embracing the New End-to-End Supply Chain for Digital Commerce

In our last post, we discussed how traditional supply chains need to evolve to incorporate the customer journey, which can be summed up in the three mega-processes of SHOP, BUY and USE. In order to succeed in the world of digital commerce and meet unrelenting customer expectations, brands and retailers must adapt their supply chains and sales strategies to maximize product visibility and provide customers with a personalized, seamless experience whenever, wherever and however they want it.

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Sell Anywhere: Gaining Customers at Every Stage of the Shopping Journey

The continued growth of digital commerce has transformed the way customers research and purchase products today. As technology continues to evolve with this growth, consumers are influenced everywhere they turn, from opening their inbox to scrolling through social media. Savvy brands and retailers are capitalizing on this trend by identifying new and creative opportunities to capture customers’ attention at every touchpoint throughout their decision journey.

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Sell Anywhere: Expand Your Geographic Reach with a Global Sales Strategy

The power of visibility in revenue generation has only begun to be understood by sellers of products on the internet. Once content strategy is determined for the brand, a workable understanding of the customer journey is embraced, then making the products available on various geographical marketplaces and other international channels is important for revenue generation.

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