March 2020

As Amazon unleashes new fulfillment strategies to extend same-day shipping across the nation, it is more important than ever to evaluate your current operations and identify ways to expedite delivery times and provide an amazing customer experience.

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February 2020

We have had another busy month learning and growing. Check out some of the highlights from February.

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Risk Management: What CSCOs Should Do Now and Beyond

Developing and publishing a Risk Management article during a severe global pandemic may be considered “Monday morning quarterbacking,” since much of this may seem obvious and sensible business planning. But this current timeframe is indeed the best time for all companies to start planning a stronger Risk Management strategy and program, especially since this “new world” of globalization and active social and cultural interaction assures us that disruptive events are more common than ever. Further, we are learning more daily about the real-time risks, far more than planning exercises can model.

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Utilizing Historical Patterns to Plan for Supply Chain Disruptions

As we all slowly work our way through dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, it is important to recognize that history is again repeating itself. We do not need to fear that this is the end of the world. It is, however, another blip in the road that will produce a new way of interacting that could create a long-term benefit.

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Navigating the VUCA of Today’s Digital Commerce World

The concept of VUCA—Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity—was first introduced by the U.S. Army War College in 1987 to describe the state of the world following the Cold War. The term can also be applied to the business environment, where the VUCA of today’s increasingly digital world is having a tremendous impact on supply chains and commerce.

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Introducing the NextGen Awards and 2020 Winner Announcement

Supply Chain Management Review’s NextGen Supply Chain Awards will honor five solution providers and end user companies for utilizing technologies that will shape tomorrow’s supply chains during the NextGen Supply Chain Conference.

Tompkins Robotics has been selected for the 2020 Robotics Solution Provider Award.

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For Sellers and Brands – Do You Need Fulfillment Support?

Tompkins Fulfillment Services has partnered with selected logistics service providers that are skilled and sustainable in order fulfillment. One of these partners is Project Verte. This operations company is providing sellers and brands an alternative fulfillment solution that is state-of-the-art, readily integrated and reasonably priced.

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Impacts of COVID-19: The Present (and Future) State of Grocery

The grocery store of today has been greatly modernized from the grocery store of twenty-five years ago. The breadth of products, private label, specialty departments and the atmosphere are very different. However, unlike non-grocery retail—where today is drastically different than 25 years ago—the process of grocery shopping today is still stuck in the past. Most non-grocery shopping today begins online and 20% is completed online, while the majority of today’s grocery shopping does not begin with an online search and only 3% is actually done online.

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Impacts of COVID-19: Uncertainty and the Flow of Goods

Twenty-five years ago, the supply of goods to the consumer was in the hands of the supply professionals. The retail planners worked with the manufacturers and they decided how much of what items they would sell to the consumer. However, as each year has passed, the control of the flow of goods moved from the supply side to the consumer—or demand—side. Today’s sophisticated Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) processes attempt to forecast the demands of consumers and satisfy this demand by producing the right items in the right quantities at the right time. For some products, S&OP works well (the amount of tomato soup the consumer will desire) and for other products, the S&OP process does not work so well (women’s fashion). But then in January 2020, the whole game changed and even the best S&OP processes in the world are woefully inadequate to synchronize supply to demand.

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