Inside an Executive Meeting at the 2018 Supply Chain Leadership Forum

By Ed Romaine
Vice President, Business Development, MonarchFx

Holiday Peak

For many organizations, peak order fulfillment and returns crunch time is only 150 days away or less.

Remember last year? Why are you sweating? Do you remember the process and equipment improvements you were going to implement to make you, your staff’s and your organization’s lives less stressful. Did they get done?

Have you considered 2018 projected 4% plus increase in your retail sales? What about the free 2-day shipping you are providing as well as the cost to implement? Not to mention your new products and product lines being introduced, and of course all the flash and holiday sales. Have these new systems and processes been implemented and tested?

These are the questions that can still be achieved for this 2018 holiday season, but time is running out. A new concept in order fulfillment services, MonarchFx, has been created to provide you with a “remote forward pick zone” to augment your existing operations.

By using our robotic t-Sort system, MonarchFx has opened facilities strategically located throughout the United States. We can deliver your orders, faster and with less shipping costs simply because y our facilities are much closer to your customers.

The beauty of our MonarchFx model is it augments your existing facilities with desirable locations and extra capacity for products, flash and holiday sales and other aspects of your current order fulfillment requirements that make sense to outsource.

Uniquely, MonarchFx not only offers rapid deployment, we also require zero capital down utilizing a simple pay per pick cost model with one-year contracts for maximum flexibility. Because MonarchFx facilities utilize our t-Sort robotics, the cost efficiencies and flexibility benefits are passed onto our customers. Sound interesting, please give me a call at 267-642-8170, or email at or message me on LinkedIn to discuss.