What are the benefits of MonarchFx?

By Jim Tompkins
CEO Tompkins International & MonarchFx


What are the top three reasons why sellers should consider MonarchFx?

The three reasons retailers and brands who sell direct to consumers should consider MonarchFx are:

  1. MonarchFx consists of the Best-in-Class providers.
    1. Inside the four walls design and implementation: Tompkins International
    2. Fulfillment center operations: NFI, DHL, and Kenco
    3. Technology: Softeon and SensorThink
    4. Automation: Tompkins Robotics
    5. Transportation management: UPS and DeliveryCircle
  2. The MonarchFx business model is based on the business models of the best eCommerce and O2O companies in the world including Alibaba, Amazon, and The characteristics of this business model are:
    1. Distributed logistics
    2. Automated
    3. Multi-client
    4. Flexible and scalable
    5. Inventory flow, not storage
  3. The MonarchFx value proposition is compelling.
    1. No upfront capital is required
    2. Low operating cost
    3. Increased revenue due to faster delivery
    4. Affordable same day, next day, and two-day delivery
    5. Streamlined return processing

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