Why Should You Choose MonarchFx?

By Jim Herman
SVP, Business Development, MonarchFx

MonarchFx Core Model

Can you continue to provide the delivery windows your customers expect? If so, at what cost?

The challenge of satisfying customers delivery expectations becomes more difficult as the requirements continue to change and evolve.

Most brands and retailers have built their supply chains around a five-day standard delivery window, with the ability to expedite on an exception basis. This satisfied most customers until Amazon Prime introduced two-day free delivery.

MonarchFx was created with this very simple, but challenging, problem in mind. The MonarchFx model enables brands and retailers to rapidly and flexibly share the capacity of an existing network of highly automated, seamlessly integrated, multi-client fulfillment operations on a cost per unit basis. MonarchFx provides the only no capital solution to this delivery challenge. This capability is achieved through an innovative alliance model that assembles best in class partners including 3PL’s, delivery providers, and robotics solutions, all integrated together with contemporary cloud-based software and an optimized unit centric facility design and implementation. The result is the profitable expansion of your business by exceeding your customer expectations.

Are you experiencing the unintended consequences of relying too much on Amazon for growth?

Brands have utilized Amazon to expand their customer reach and offer two-day delivery, which has resulted in extraordinary growth for them, and Amazon. Although this can be viewed as an undeniable commercial success, in the process, some very concerning unintended consequences have emerged.

Brands are being disintermediated from the relationships they once had directly with their customers as the primary interface becomes Amazon, not them. In addition to this concerning trend, Amazon continues to mask end customer sales data which prevents sellers from being able to directly market to known users and loyal fans of the brands they sell. To make this even more concerning, Amazon is consistently and aggressively expanding their own offering of private label products. How do they know what to introduce as private label merchandise? Could it be from the very sales data they will not share with their sellers?

MonarchFx was created with the inherent belief that sellers need to develop their own ability to create a direct and meaningful relationship with their customers. This relationship needs to be integrated and seamless throughout the customer journey from browse, shop, buy, deliver, support, and even return. To achieve this, sellers must provide a unified shopping experience consisting of in-store, social media, and the company web site. This shopping experience must be complimented with the ability to match the increasingly demanding customer expectations of two-day, next day, and same day delivery, whether that be direct-to-consumer or in-store pick-up. Together this creates the Unichannel ecosystem today’s consumers demand.

MonarchFx, through its unique and innovative alliance model, brings together world class providers to offer a comprehensive solution from demand generation, distributed fulfillment, customer support, and finally returns management and remarketing. At the core of this offering is a nationwide network of highly automated fulfillment centers designed to optimize the unit order requirement that is so critical in today’s eCommerce, direct to consumer market.

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