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MonarchFx has recently launched a new value-added technology tool, Distributed Inventory Flow Forecasting (DIFF). Some features include an initial allocation of inventories (at SKU levels), ongoing demand forecasting models that are based on state-of-the-art algorithms with user inputs on promos, flash sales, new products, sales lifts, replenishment advisory schedules for sellers when SKUs reach thresholds and need to be replenished, and more. DIFF optimizes sellers’ inventories based on flow, not traditional inventory storage practices, and uses artificial intelligence for continuous improvement.

We recently released two articles that highlight the challenges faced within eCommerce and explain how MonarchFx DIFF can offer solutions to these challenges.

Check out these articles and learn how MonarchFx can help you overcome the challenges within eCommerce.

The Challenges and Solutions for Sales Forecasting in eCommerce

The Challenges and Solutions for Optimizing Inventories in eCommerce

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