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Compete or Collaborate?

As United States retail sales move to the eCommerce channel, traditional retailers and brands need to understand the enormity of the challenge they face. Amazon has invested over $15 billion in local automated fulfillment capacity and now has at least one full-scale fulfillment center located an average of just 57 miles from each one of the top 40 United States Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA). Those top 40 MSA are home to 164 million (or 52%) of America’s highest spending, fastest growing, densest urban located consumers. Now is the time to collaborate.

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What’s in a Name: The MonarchFx Alliance?

  1. The four parts of The MonarchFx Alliance’s name: Monarch: Our representation of reinvention is the Monarch. The beautiful butterfly that results from the metamorphosis from egg, to caterpillar, to cocoon, and finally to the butterfly. This is how we view post-clique logistics. From a corner in a Distribution Center (DC) to a separate Fulfillment Center (FC), to a network of DC/FCs with a specialized “Get Local,” automated multi-tenant commingled FC’s. A beautiful reinvention that provides for significant cost reduction, speed, and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  2. Fx- Part 1: Synonyms for Fx are smart avant-garde, high fashion, creative, innovative, fresh, new, and exciting.
  3. Fx- Part 2: In Algebra solving for ‘X’, the company The MonarchFx Alliance consists of a family of services. The ‘X’ represents service lines:
    1. MonarchFa- Apparel and Footwear
    2. MonarchFb- Big and Bulky
    3. MonarchFc- Crossborder
    4. MonarchFf- Furniture
    5. MonarchFg- White Glove
    6. MonarchFh- Garment on Hanger
    7. MonarchFi- Industrial
    8. MonarchFs- Stores
    9. MonarchFz- Frozen and Refrigerated
  4. Alliance: A coming together of companies by combining certain assets, resources, and expertise to provide a new fundamentally improved and unique post-clique logistics solution. The combining of inside the four wall excellence, with best in breed transportation, cloud based technology, in well located/modern fulfillment centers with innovative and cost effective material handling systems to bring about Smarter Logistics.

What is a Brand?

“A brand can be any noun (person, place, or thing) that needs someone else to take action (purchase, promote, advocate, and so on). A brand does this by creating a series of ideas and touch points that build a larger message which draws the desired party close, engages them emotionally, and inspires them to take action”.

Brand name merchandise is identified by a name and / or symbol associated with certain product characteristics. Lucky Brand, Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, and Gucci are all brands. Certain product characteristics are associated with each brand, Lucky Brand (Trend), Levi’s (Moderate Price), Ralph Lauren (Style), and Gucci (Prestige).

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