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Fast is expensive but cheap is slow, until now.

Whether it is a Ferrari vs. a Fiat or a Jet Engine vs. a Propeller, generally speaking, to move something quickly has a higher cost than to move it slowly. The ability to move fast at a lower cost is a challenge that has pervaded the supply chain industry for years.

This challenge has never been more applicable to retailers and brands than it is today. With online sales surging and customer expectations continually evolving, the ability to fulfill orders quickly, accurately, and at a lower cost is essential to an organization’s success.

At MonarchFx, we have the answer to this challenge and more. Through the use MonarchFx’s highly advanced robotics, proprietary technology, and localized fulfillment network, we are able to amplify inventory availability to service your online customers, wholesale customers, and retail stores faster than ever before with:

  • No capital investment required
  • Lower operating cost
  • Lower transportation cost

So, what is the cost of distributed logistics?

In essence, MonarchFx’s next generation distributed logistics solution is free.

MonarchFx does not cost you money, it saves you money.

How is this possible?

First – All of the capital investment is covered by MonarchFx. Our state of the art facilities have the automation, systems, and technology required to provide any service level to any customer, no matter what the sales channel or the product type.

Second – The MonarchFx operational model. After years of investment, research and development, we have created incredibly agile, efficient, and scalable operations. Our advances in robotics, automation, and technology enable us to deliver new levels of efficiency, generating savings and a superior customer experience.

Third – The MonarchFx network. By utilizing multiple facilities located in key areas of demand and in close proximity to transportation hubs, your products and merchandise are positioned closer to your stores and customers. This generates significant transportation savings in both cost and time.

How do you proceed?

Our straightforward three step process will show you just how much you can save, and just how much your customers and business can benefit!

Step 1, Discovery – Let us tell you and show you more about MonarchFx’s model, robotics, and technology. We guarantee you will be as excited as we are. You will immediately start thinking of all the ways our solutions can benefit your organization and your supply chain.

Step 2, Solution Modelling – Together, utilizing our modelling software, and expertise, we will demonstrate how MonarchFx is additive to your existing logistics network. It increases the speed of delivery, while reducing the combined cost of fulfillment and delivery.

Step 3, Execution – Jointly, we will deploy a customized solution, specific to your organization’s requirements, providing the competitive advantage you need at the cost you want.

Once this process is complete, you will have a compelling and results driven value proposition tailored to your business. Your newly enhanced fulfillment supply chain will, reduce total cost, maximize inventory utilization, enhance customer loyalty, and deliver profitable growth.

These objectives have, up until now, been elusive and challenging across the omni-channel landscape, but now MonarchFx is changing the game.

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James A. Tompkins, Ph.D.
Chairman and CEO, MonarchFx

Executive Assistant: Debbie Flynn, 919-855-5447