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Let me get straight to the point: As expected, Prime Day was a big deal for Amazon, but the biggest day of 2017 for the retail giant was June 16th – the day of the now-infamous Whole Foods buyout. By now, most are familiar with this story, however, many are not aware that we are witnessing a critical “Food Fight” in the grocery world. The acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon is discussed throughout our new white paper, Food Fight: Discovering Eight Truths of the New Era of Retail, to illustrate not only where grocery is headed, but the new era of retail and what needs to take place going forward in order to be a successful retailer.

Amazon’s purchase of Whole foods symbolizes a major shift from Bricks vs. Cliques to Bricks AND Cliques. Customers want to enjoy the experience and fun of food retail, (cheese counter, beer selection, bakery, selecting fruit vegetables, and meat) but avoid the dull routine of grocery shopping (soup, cereal, paper towel, bottled water, etc.). The use of technology in the store that helps the store operate better is great, but let’s be sure we do not use technology to interrupt the discovery and fun part of Brick & Mortar engagement.

The challenge now for retailers who choose not to work with Amazon is how to tap into the power of the “Amazon Growth Model”. It is clear no retailer can compete with the Amazon post-clique logistics ecosystem by themselves. Therefore, what is needed is a collaboration of retailers, brands, and marketplaces working together as one. A collaboration model has been developed and is rolling out these capabilities for Holiday 2018. This model is The MonarchFx Alliance.

To learn more about the transformation to BRICKS & CLIQUES and how MonarchFx is THE strategy needed for the next era of retail, download our new white paper: Food Fight: Discovering Eight Truths of the New Era of Retail.

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