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The Top Ten MonarchFx News Headlines

There is so much going on with the evolution of The MonarchFx Alliance that I could easily write a ten page introduction to this newsletter's inaugural edition of our monthly newsletter. But I was told, " You need to be concise and to the point." Well, not my strong suit, but here is my best shot at the Top Ten MonarchFx News Headlines:

  • MonarchFx will focus in 2017 on Apparel and Footwear for both DTC and Uni-Channel. To understand why, read the article: Amazon Inches Closer to Apparel Domination.
  • The MonarchFx Alliance concept of platforms is validated. IDC predicts that more than 50% of Tier 1 and 2 retailers and brands, and more than 80% of enterprises with advanced digital transformation strategies will create and/or partner with industry platforms, see page 5 of:
  • Major MonarchFx breakthroughs in Inventory Allocation and Optimization are seen as key MonarchFx differentiators to reducing markdowns and increasing full price retail sales.
  • The original MonarchFx implementations will cover Monarch Fx and Fs. Fx addresses parcel delivery to consumers and Fs addresses store replenishment, store-to-store and store-to-consumer.
  • An exciting new MonarchFx partnership will bring innovative unit and parcel sortation inside the four walls of MonarchFx substantially enhancing productivity, responsiveness, scalability and performance; while reducing space, capital and operating costs over traditional eCommerce solutions.
  • The MonarchFx Alliance has completed a sophisticated costing template. This template allows MonarchFx to quickly move from requirements definition to the cost of utilizing the MonarchFx logistics platform.
  • An innovative approach of Capacity Pooling to remove real estate from your balance sheet and providing you with "Get Local" capabilities via MonarchFx has been added to our value proposition.
  • The plan for the first six locations of MonarchFx are: Northern California, Southern California, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta and Northern New Jersey.
  • MonarchFx will be live for Holiday 2017. Letters of Intent signed in January, 2017 will beget receiving of product in July, 2017 and shipping in August, 2017.
  • The impact of Digital Disruptions has been documented, view Supply Chain Revolutions: Responding to Digital Disruptions.

And no need to stop there with just those 10 headlines! To learn more about The MonarchFx Alliance, be sure to visit our website for more information on:

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