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Welcome to the 8th edition of Q&A with Dr. Tompkins. Please be sure to write me any of the questions you may be having with regards to your own eCommerce supply chain operations.

Q & A with Jim Tompkins

There seems to be a big talent gap in supply chain – how can we solve for it? This is a huge problem, but the reality is, the supply chain is a very difficult field for training people. The reason for this is the breadth of the field (Plan-Buy-Make-Move-Store-Sell), and the complexity and interrelationship of these 6 mega-processes. The talent gap is not going to be solved by moaning and groaning or trying to hire the perfect candidate. The talent gap will only be solved when we accept this as a major responsibility of development. Therefore, what must be done is for your organization to hire the best candidates you can find and invest in developing them, grow your own talent. 

What impact does the labor shortage have on the growth of eCommerce? The shortage of labor increases the cost of logistics labor and makes the justification of automation easier. A challenge here is the need to store product close to the customers for better delivery costs. This may result in more fulfillment locations, lower volumes, and difficulty in justifying automation. Thus, the opportunity for multi-tenant, distributed logistics highly automated, scalable solutions such as, MonarchFx.

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