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MonarchFx A Division Of Tompkins International Has Received Full Funding

MonarchFx has received funding to complete five Rapid Deployment MonarchFx Centers.

MonarchFx is fully funded. The funding covers not only the initial launch of five facilities for holiday 2018, but also all additional facilities and operations going forward. MonarchFx is an operating division of Tompkins International and along with its 3PL, software, material handling integration, and final delivery world-class partners, it provides retailers and brands with a smarter logistics approach to Unichannel Distributed Fulfillment.  

MonarchFx partnership with world-class logistics and technology services firms is unequalled, providing a fulfillment and delivery ecosystem that will lower the cost, increase the speed of delivery, and increase customer satisfaction, beyond what any brand or retailer can do themselves. This ecosystem network includes get local, multi-tenant, and flexible, modular, portable automation. These facilities when combined with innovative delivery service providers, presents a new alternative to retailers and brands pursuing today’s world of New Retail. MonarchFx is as obsessed with delighting retailers and brands customers’, as the retailers and brands are.

MonarchFx will contract with retailers and brands, and work with leading service and technology provider partners to deliver eCommerce orders and Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) orders. MonarchFx facilities will be Rapid Deployment MonarchFx Centers (RDMC), located within and operated by, logistics service provider (3PL) member companies. The initial five locations will be in Southern CA, Northern NJ, Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta. The first five locations will be open for business in time to serve Sellers during holiday 2018.

The RDMC’s will be enabled by Tompkins Robotics and the Tompkins Warehouse Execution System (WES). These systems will be integrated with the MonarchFx Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Distributed Order Management (DOM) system, such that Sellers and the 3PL’s need only to integrate to enable operations.

“It is with great excitement that we announce MonarchFx has been fully funded. Our five years of work, five patents, and six partnerships have brought us to a position of leveraging the network effect, deploying huge economies of scale, proprietary robotic, and software technology. MonarchFx provides retailers and brands a way to reduce fulfillment and delivery costs for direct-to-consumer operations, while reducing delivery times and maintaining control of their business,” stated Jim Tompkins, CEO.