An Overview of the Video, Supply Chain Revolutions: Responding to Digital Disruptions

The pace and magnitude of digital disruptions are affecting everybody. A response to these disruptions in the form of a revolution is required for ongoing business success. This revolution requires the right responses to continuous improvement, transformation, and reinvention at the right times. This video contains four chapters. The first chapter defines disruptions, revolutions, and how companies and individuals respond when faced with these disruptions. The second chapter describes the digital disruptions and presents illustrations of these disruptions, as well as, explains the top 11 building blocks of the digital era for supply chains. The third chapter presents the impacts of digital disruptions on supply chain organizations, the evolution of the customer relationship in today’s digital era, and the value proposition of responding to digital disruptions. The fourth and final chapter discusses the recommended three-step methodology for an organization to design and implement their supply chain revolution. The video concludes by suggesting a simple four-step path forward to be successful in response to digital disruptions. The video can be summarized with these four points:

  1. Digital disruptions are a huge deal.
  2. Digital is rapidly changing the way we do business.
  3. Businesses cannot be successful in the digital era with yesterday’s supply chain practices and technologies.
  4. Today, supply chain professionals are more important to the success of a company than ever before.

Lastly, the video offers the viewer an opportunity to download a white paper providing further details on digital disruptions: The Supply Chain Revolution: The Survival Guide to Digital Disruptions.