Why Tompkins Fulfillment Services Solution?

The Evolution of New Retail

The Battle Between Brick vs. Click is Over — It’s Both!

Evolution of Retail


  • P&L management
  • Firewalls
  • Discourage cross channel


  • Allocation/Deployment
  • Pallet, Case, Units
  • ROI performance


  • Engaged relationship
  • Seamless experience
  • Integrated customer journey
Consumers expect a seamless and integrated journey, regardless of channel.

Consumer Experience

Customer experience is being redefined in the age of New Retail.
Consumers continue to expect more and more options.
Instant gratification at every stage of engagement.
Curation has replaced the “Endless Aisle”.
Pricing now requires far more creativity.

The Amazon Effect

Unanticipated Consequences
  • Brand dilution—your brand integrity becomes second to Amazon’s
  • Service and experience drives engagement for Amazon, not you
  • Customer-specific sales data masked
  • Private label explosion
  • Alexa reduces brand choices
  • Marketplace monopoly
  • Constant rule changes
How to respond?
  • Create your own meaningful customer engagement
  • Expand service, convenience, and experience
  • Develop a robust and agile logistics capability
Competitive advantage via Unichannel Customer Journey

Seamless ecosystem experience regardless of the channel or stage: pre-sales, post-sales, online, offline

What Makes Tompkins Fulfillment Services Unique?

Unichannel Ecosystem
Tompkins Fulfillment Services Model
  • Alliance of world-class providers
  • Single point of coordination
  • Seamless customer journey
Nationwide Network
Distributed Logistics
  • No capital outlay
  • Improved delivery times and cost
  • Sales lift through improved service
Technology and Automation
End-to-End Capability
  • Seamless technology integration
  • Robotic unit and parcel sortation
  • Flow based inventory optimization
Ecosystem Unit Pricing
All Inclusive, No Added Fees
  • Facility, IT (OMS/WMS/WES) & equipment
  • Automation (t-sort, packaging, handling)
  • All labor — Direct and indirect
  • Storage
Increased Revenue, Reduced Transportation Cost, and Lower Returns. All while delivering an exceptional customer experience.

What is Tompkins Fulfillment Services?

Tompkins Fulfillment Services is your smarter logistics solution comprised of best-in-class supply chain companies focused on delivering cost effective, high service level fulfillment solutions to brands and retailers.

Smarter Logistics Solution

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